Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Wise words (on slugs) from Hard

Our good friend (and avid Blog reader) who we shall call 'Hard' has been conducting some extensive and thorough research on our behalf. We thought it too selfish to keep to ourselves and decided to set his wise words free, here on the blog:

"There was a special on slugs on bbc1 breakfast this morning. Apparently this year they're going to be worse than ever because of all the rain, so you're doomed. ;-)

They mentioned spreading oyster shells around the base of plants (they don't like the scratchy texture). Don't know if it works, but you should have a good night working through all those oysters (actually you can buy the shells pre-crushed, but probably not as much fun). Also, they apparently don't like copper, so you can put copper rings around plants (maybe connected to any nearby overhead HV power lines?) They also mentioned hedgehogs, and thrushes, and you can buy an active biological ingredient in the form of nematode worms that you water into the soil! Sounds vile.

Sorry if you already know all that. I've become quite interested in slugs on your behalf."

Thank you Hard!

If you would like to hear more wise words from Hard, please post a comment.....


Alan Bowens said...

Sorry Hard, I've been away for a couple of days, and some upstart wench has wrested control of MY blog! Normal service will be resumed ASAP.

Ju-oh said...

Not to be out done by H'ard- I've been doing my own research on slugs. The gardening people in our office have recomended this organic product for keeping those uglies away!