Monday, 2 June 2008

Always read the instructions

Anybody who knows me will smile at the heading of this post, knowing only too well that things have to be going pretty disastrously for me to resort to anything as desperate as reading the instructions. However, on this occasion, I have felt the need to buy a book.......Actually, this is not unusual, what is unusual, however, is that I have actually read it, prior to embarking on any allotment activity. The book is called 'The Half Hour Allotment', written by Lia Leendertz and published by the Royal Horticultural Society. The inside cover talks of: "...for busy people...half an hour's work a day, with weekends off....make life easier for yourself..cut down on the graft..enable you to enjoy the satisfactions of tending a glorious bountiful allotment without becoming a slave to it, and to eat the very best." - sounds good, we plan on putting it to the test.

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