Sunday, 22 June 2008

Existential angst

There are certain rites of passage we must all pass through on the route from spotty-faced oik to grumpy old git (I'm doing well on the grumpy and git components of that particular equation, at least). These include, but are in no way limited, to:

* waking up, realising that it's sunny, and saying to yourself "Cool, I can get the clothes up on the line today"
* waking up, realising that it's raining, and saying to yourself "Cool, I don't have to water the garden today"
* realising that you now listen to Radio 4 more than anything else
* realising that you are not, in fact, going to score the winning goal for Northern Ireland in the World Cup Final
* and so on, ad infinitum, a well-worn list of crushed dreams, financial responsibilities, and epiphanies that up to now you have, in fact, been a complete idiot.

Well, I have recently passed another milestone: I want a shed.

Oh sure, I could rationalise it with lots of sensible "It will be good to store the tools on the allotment" guff, but I think it speaks of a far deeper and more meaningful step on the path to manhood. I see myself sitting on a garden chair, the rain pattering lightly on the window, as I pop the tab on another beer and settle down with a good book.

I'm even toying with the idea of trying to BUILD a shed. I am hopelessly, irredeemably, undeniably, and irretrievably useless at DIY, but this noble goal stirs something in my breast (I am, of course, speaking figuratively here - my man boobs aren't that well developed yet).

I have also searched the interweb for plans, got a couple of woodworking books from the library, been to B&Q to look at their sheds, and SWMBO has been checking Freecycle and EBay for anything suitable.

Only time will tell how this pans out, but I have a religious fervour burning in me, the stars of my destiny have been realigned, and whole new vistas are opening up before me.

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LyndaB said...

SWMBO isn't the only one scouring for a shed for you...