Monday, 1 September 2008

Sunday work slot

Yesterday we spent a bit of time up on the allotment doing odds and sods.

I put a cabin hook on the shed door and the side of the shed so it can be held open without banging in the breeze. Previous attempts to do this with hooks and pieces of string had been spectacularly ineffective. This was my first trial with my new cordless drill, and it proved its worth.

Meanwhile Amanda did some weeding and harvesting. We're producing more beans than we can eat from six plants, so I've no idea what the gurus are doing with their solid walls of beans.

We've got a lot more radishes ready for picking, but left them for now as we're not entirely sure what to do with them. They're fast and easy to grow, but not so easy to use.

All of the work we did turning over the topsoil over the last couple of weeks seems to have gone to waste, as the grass is merrily growing back up through it. One guru suggests we started too early - we should do this at the end of October, when everything starts slowing down on the growing front, and when the frost gets a chance to get at the exposed roots. This doesn't really suit Amanda, who's gung ho to get on and do stuff, but I'm well up for taking it easy for a bit.

I think we need to pause and consider - plan what we want to grow next year, where it's going to go, when it should be planted, etc. Sometimes more haste means less speed.