Sunday, 26 April 2009


I haven't posted for a while now, so thought I'd better bring our loyal readership up to date (mainly because they hassle me whenever they see me).

Since the last posting we've planted all of our potatoes (first earlies, second earlies, and mains).

The garlic is now coming along nicely, and the earliest of the first earlies are starting to make an appearance. For some reason the plants in Abi's patch are doing better than the 'proper' plants in the main plot. She'll be unbearably smug if this trend continues.

We recently got the bill for the allotment for the coming year. This has gone up to £32 this year. This is still perfectly reasonable of course, but is a steep increase over the figure of £18 last year. Given that many of the people working the allotments are retired and therefore (a) don't have a huge income, and (b) have plenty of time to raise a stink, I don't envy whichever council official is going to be on the receiving end of their collective ire.

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