Thursday, 12 March 2009

Garlic 'n' Rhubarb

Last weekend saw us pay a flying visit to the allotment to kickstart the annual sowing/planting/whatever cycle. It was a flying visit because although it was a miserable day to start with, it got rapidly miserable-r and wetter while we were onsite. Undaunted, we planted three rows of garlic cloves in the non-pooh-treated root section of the plot.

Amanda had gone to the local farm shop in the hope of getting some Isle of Wight garlic to plant, but had managed to score some under-the-counter-past-their-best French bulbs. As they were past their best she was actually given them as opposed to paying for them, so can't complain.

She also got a couple of rhubarb plants at a local garden centre, and these are now safely ensconced at the top of the plot.

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