Sunday, 25 January 2009

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Amanda suggested I title this post something like "Potato-related purchases for the 2009 growing season". In a spirit of bloody-mindedness I've decided to ignore that sensible and useful advice.

This morning we went to the shop in Newtown Allotments to stock up on supplies for this year. We got the following seed potatoes:

1 kg Sharpe's Express (first earlies)
1 kg Wilja (second earlies)
1 kg Magestic (main crop)

and some fertiliser:

6 kg fish blood and bone fertiliser
3 kg potato fertiliser

Our choice of potato varieties, given a list of the huge range available, was driven almost entirely by names we vaguely recognised. And a slight Bernard Cornwell/Sean Bean obsession.

Top tip from a shop guru: we can plant all of the potatoes at the same time, and they'll sort out themselves when it's time to grow.

Next up: we need to chit the potatoes in preparation for planting them. Actually, next up: find out what chitting is.