Sunday, 25 January 2009

More Muck Spreading

Yesterday was a lovely afternoon. Abi spent the time building a hotel for any visiting hedgehogs while Amanda did some more blackcurrant pruning. I did some weeding and more manure digging-in. We now plan to dig manure into the entire top part of the plot, and dig over the area between the two rows of blackcurrant bushes to form the 'root' part of the crop rotation system for this year.

A few more gurus turned up and gave us advice/encouragement. Following the advice of a gap-toothed sage, Amanda got a bit more enthusiastic with her blackcurrant pruning. As an experiment she's severely pruning half of them, while leaving the other half as she'd originally pruned them. We'll find out in a few months which is the correct approach.

This session also gave me the opportunity to test drive my splendid new 'safety wellingtons'. These could have come straight from the pages of the Darth Vader school of couture, and give Amanda an endless source of amusement. I know that secretly she envies and covets my lovely footwear. And if I'm ever attacked by a bunch of axe-wielding leprechauns, my tootsies will be safe and comfortable behind their steel toecaps.

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ladder4learning said...

....they're black currants......I thought your ID problem was confined to vegetables?!......