Saturday, 9 August 2008

Netley Shed Raising #7

Step 7: lessons learned (yes, I'm an engineer, and firmly believe there's a lot of wisdom in holding project post-mortems).

1: Cordless drills are fab. I borrowed one for this job because there's no power at the allotment, but they are just a lot easier to use because you're not continually getting tangled in a 20 foot extension cord.

2. There's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. Actually, Billy Connelly said that, not me, but he's absolutely correct. Today started off dark and dreary, soon descended into a constant drizzle, and got really quite damp later in the afternoon. However, we just cracked on and did it, on a day when it would have been very easy to sit inside and do nothing, and had a very productive day as a result.

3. Total construction time was about 5 hours, including clearing and levelling the land. It could have been quite a bit less if we'd avoided the faffing about with the felt, and a couple of trips back to the house to get things we'd forgotten, but I reckon this wasn't bad.

4. Making stuff is fun.

5. The bottle of wine at the end of the day tastes much better when you've actually achieved something :)

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