Sunday, 20 July 2008

Thinning the Radishes

Yesterday we went up to the allotment to do some maintenance work - refilling the beer traps, weeding, watering, that kind of thing. The radishes that Amanda and Abi planted are going great guns, creating real little verdant valleys in the otherwise desolate expense of our seedling bed.

SWMBO decided that we should thin them out, as lots of them are growing very close to one another, and presumably they would compete with each other and stunt the growth of their neighbours. Or something horticultural like that. This made sense but seemed a crying shame to me, pulling out perfectly good little plants. We did however hang on to these losers in life's lottery, as apparently they can be used in stir fries.

This morning Amanda was chatting to Guru Geoff, our neighbour on the allotment, and apparently we could have just left them as they were. They muscle each other out of the way in a survival-of-the-fittest sort of way, and sort themselves out.

That's the great think about allotment gurus, if you ask enough of them, you'll find one you can agree with.

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