Friday, 4 July 2008


Abi and I picked three and a half pounds of blackcurrants and brought them home to turn into jam. Conveniently, three pounds of currants is just the right amount for our largest saucepan. It was a very simple recipe but I am confused about things like what the disk of wax paper is for (do you really need it?!) and when you should put it on (when jam hot or cold?) which way up? and then the disk of cellophane, what's that all about? Hmmm, maybe not ready for the W.I. yet! Anyway, 3 pounds of currants made 12 pots of jam!

Have just had some on toast (for research purposes only you understand). It looks like jam, smells like jam, even tastes like jam. I think I've made jam!

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Pam Williamson said...

Brilliant - look forward to tasting some! Wax discs go on immediately after filling jars and while the jam is hot. Cellophane covers are for jam jars with no lids - they make a good seal with elastic bands - or with lids so the metal doesn't come into contact with the jam. Did you fill the tiny pot as a 'taster'? Love Mum.